The factory for production of mattresses NANI was put into operation in 2005 and is equipped with a modern production line for sleep products from leading companies.

NANI’s portfolio includes: mattresses with Kovafoam polyurethane foam cores, Bonnell Spring type spring system – double-body springs connected with a spiral and Pocket Spring type – a system of individually wrapped springs in textile pockets, as well as a variety of sleep accessories – pillows, cushions , protectors, etc.

The production of mattresses is carried out using a new technology based on profiled polyurethane foam, which allows through a different combination of density, hardness and configuration of the layers to achieve products with exceptional ergonomics and anatomy, maximum ventilation and comfort.

We guarantee the quality of our mattresses through precise selection of materials and use of best manufacturing practices.



PARALLEL Ltd. has a modern factory for the production of soft furniture that started its activity in 1995. We have modern equipment and qualified personnel that guarantee the high quality of the designs, the variety of options and color combinations.

We currently offer on the Bulgarian and international market soft furniture made of various textiles and leathers (genuine and synthetic) and a great variety of upholstery. They are delivered by the most reputable manufacturers in the world and are with carefully selected patterns and characteristics.

For the needs of our customers, in the Company there is a Development Department that examines the market demand, the cultural context and life style in order to completely satisfy the customers’ taste.



ZONA FOR HOME is one of the largest furniture chains in the country, which has a large storage facilities.

The trade center in the city of Sofia is the largest furniture store in Bulgaria with exhibition are of more than 10 000 square meters and the number of the furniture displayed is more than 5000.

The five floors are divided thematically and the sizes of the sample interior designs are close to the real sizes of most homes. Thus the customers can have a clearer idea how the furniture would look like in their home.

The trade center is situated on the junction of Slivnitsa Boulevard and Adam Mitskevich Street, also known as Orion. The outdoor parking is with 130 spaces and is free for visitors.



The factory for production of polyurethane foam Kovafoam is built in the Production facility in town of Sevlievo in 2000. In the production cycle are used latest generation technologies and the most modern equipment of renowned companies, and in the production process is integrated a closed technological cycle that includes all stages of processing – form the raw materials to the finished products.

The production of polyurethane foam is equipped with modern production lines of new generation meeting the latest requirements for energy efficiency, environmental protection and health and safety at work. The highest quality standards are guaranteed by an integrated system with high level of automation at every stage of the production process.

The Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008 and the Environmental Management System ISO 140001:2004 implemented in PARALLEL Ltd. guarantee the maintenance of high quality and safety at work. The innovative high-tech equipment allows the manufacture of products that satisfy the most demanding customers.



The factory for production of thermo wadding is built in the Production facility in town of Sevlievo in 2004.

It is equipped with 5 modern assembly lines that produce thermo wadding in a roll and molded wadding. The portfolio includes large and fixed wadding polyester or silicone thermo wadding with density 60 – 500 g/sq.m., as well as molded (marbles) thermo wadding made from hollow silicone fibers.

Over the years PARALLEL Ltd. established itself as a reliable manufacturer and supplier of high quality thermo wadding for the sewing and furniture companies in the country and abroad that meets the highest international requirements and standards.



We are constantly expanding our collaboration with partners around world. We can manufactue high quality mattresses, soft furniture and garden products under a private label by fully complying with requirements and specifications.

We have invested substantial resources in research, product development and advanced equipment that meets the highest international standards. A team of employees working in different fields (constructors, designers, engineers, technologists) develop models according to specified characteristics providing the best prices and guaranteed quality.

The scale of the activity increases significantly and this requires the expansion of the production and the equipment with additional high-tech lines.

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